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TM 163 - Hindsight is always 20/20

163 - Hindsight is always 20/20

As it turns out, Point Place, Wisconsin is not a friendly environment to be wearing high heels. I do not know how Jackie manages to move so effectively in those things, as I had a terrible time of it. Falling off the roof did not help the situation.

Hmm. Perhaps Fez should explain.

I have already talked about how Halloween is my very favorite American holiday. All one has to do is dress in a fancy costume (which I love, anyway) and people will actually give you candy! And I think we all know what I think of candy, am I right?

Anyway, I thought I had the perfect costume. Not too long before, the gang had gone to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Kenosha. Sadly, Fez was singled out as a Virgin and was made to stand in front of the audience and hold a balloon full of whipped cream at my crotch while a girl Virgin had to break it with her teeth. (It was more action that Fez had seen in... okay, ever.)

Most importantly, I loved the movie. And so, on Halloween, naturally, Fez wanted to emulate the hero of the movie, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, by dressing up as him. It was also a way to show off my sexy legs and my rock hard ass.

The rest of the gang were being giant party poopers, and the only fun I could find was to steal Eric's superball and run away. Unfortunately, four-inch heels are not made running, and since Eric was catching up, I climbed up onto Donna's roof.

More unfortunately, four-inch heels were very much not made for running around on a roof, and I fell off the house. As I lay there, flat on my back in the cold grass, I thought to myself...

"Next time, Fez, the platform heels, not the stilettos."

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