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TM 167 - Write about disappointment or disillusion

167 - Write about disappointment or disillusion.

There have been many dark days in the history of our little group of friends here in Point Place. There was the time Kelso fell from the water tower. And the other time Kelso fell from the water tower. And the other times he did that, too. There were the many times that Kelso and Jackie broke up. There were fights and arguments, and CandyLand monies stolen and people stuck in chimneys and old people dying. There was the long, long time when Fez did not get any.

But no days were darker than the year...

I am sorry, it is difficult to talk about.

The year that Eric and Donna were broken up.

What we told Eric and Donna at Caroline's restaurant was true: they really are the reliable couple, the ones that we-- all of us, Jackie, Kelso, Hyde, me-- all count on to always be together. And always love each other and be just Eric and Donna.

And then, one day, they broke up.

We all know why. Eric was an idiot, and tried to make Donna set a definition on their relationship that she was not ready for, and Donna would not let herself commit enough to him. (Eric says it was also because she refused to do him a special favor, and he will not tell Fez what that is. Damn him.)

But it did not just affect them, oh no. You see, we were friends with them both. And with them broken up, we did not know what to do or where to go? Down to the basement, where we always hung out? Or to Donna's to watch cable TV and boobs? Fez alone chose Eric, even if it meant missing boobs. Finally, they decided to share us. A schedule was made, and things should have been all right.

It wasn't all right. Eric came back late from taking us to the amusement park, and he and Donna fought because it came out of her time, and he had given me ice cream... I do not remember very well. All I remember is the sound of my two good friends fighting. I tried to stop them, told them not to fight and be angry with each other and that it was my fault, but they would not stop!

Thank goodness for Hyde. He took me to get cleaned up and put me down for my nap, but I knew that Eric and Donna were still fighting. Somehow, we were able to hang out again and finally they got back together. But that was the longest year of our lives.

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