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TM 169 - Fragile

169 - Fragile

You should never hide things inside fragile objects.

Especially when the thing you are hiding is a bag full of... well, that's not important, right? And especially when the place you are hiding it is a vase, and that vase is in Jackie's parents' ski lodge, and you are not supposed to be in the ski lodge. And especially when the person doing the hiding is Kelso.

It began as one of the best ideas Hyde ever had. Jackie was going to a doll expo somewhere, which meant that no one was around to use the ski lodge. He, Kelso and I could drive up, get beer and some of that stuff that isn't important to mention, and have a good time.

They even have a hot tub there, and I was in the mood to strip down and soak. But then again, when aren't I in the mood to strip down and soak, am I right?

Anyway, as it turned out, Jackie was lying, and before we knew it, she and Mr. Red and Miss Kitty were arriving to empty out the ski lodge. Kelso had just found the stash (damn!) that he'd hidden in the place the last time he'd been there and needed a place to hide it. Michael Kelso stuck the bag, still in his hand, into a vase.

Yes, you guessed correctly. He couldn't get it out.

No matter how hard we tugged on the thing or how hard he tried to sling it off, the vase would not budge. Over and over we had to hide it from Mr. Red when we weren't trying to get it off Kelso's hand and rescue the stash (no, the-- oh, screw it).

There was some amusement, though, as Hyde kept making Kelso look at the bottom of the vase. Hyde would then smack the bottle, making it hit Kelso between the eyes. Kelso fell for it. Three times. The same gag. Three times.

Finally, he let it slip that the fool was still hanging on to the bag!

Kelso let go, and the vase shattered. That brought everyone to the room, and despite Kelso's best efforts, Eric's parents discovered what was in the bag. (Yes, his best efforts, that's what it was. How sad.) Thankfully, Jackie was kind and brave and took the blame. Hyde was not punished, Kelso was let off easy because his family is dumb, and Fez got nothing, as usual.

Hell, even Eric and Donna got to do it on the kitchen table. Although that was an amusing end to the night.

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