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TM 159 - One thing you hope to do in the upcoming year

159 - Talk about one thing you hope to do in the upcoming year that you have never done before. It could be something significant or something trivial.

When I first thought of answers for this topic, I came up with a very long list of things. I asked Hyde to check it for spelling mistakes. He told me that most of what I wrote down was illegal in most of America and even saying that I would like to do them might get me deported. So, I had to think of something new.

I have been bitten by a bug. And it is not the kind that is in beds, and it is not the social kind that makes it difficult to use the men's room.

When I was still in high school, I took classes in singing. My teacher was an angry, stupid little Englishman with a big nose, but he could not stop my love of music, which I have always had. But standing on the stage, smiling into the lights, I discovered a new love. Performing.

Since then, I have taken every opportunity to dance, or sing, or sing and dance, or fantasize about singing and dancing. I have done roller disco. I have taken ballet classes. But nothing has yet compared to being on stage.

Which brings me to Fez' hope for the new year.

I would like to perform in musical theater.

Imagine it: Fez, on stage, singing and dancing and acting his heart out for hundreds of adoring audience members! They will applaud me! They will throw roses at me! They will bring their attractive daughters to the stage door so that I may do it with them! They will ask for my autograph!

I hear that Point Place has a theater of the community, and that anyone in the community may come to perform there. I will do this.

I do not know what show to be in, though. Jackie likes the show Grease. Hyde says there is a show called Hair where people are naked on stage! And in the newspaper, there is now a show in New York that is about some kind of hairstylist! No, no, it is a barber. A barber of somewhere called Fleet Street. I should be in that show, I think.

I am Fez, and this year, I will break a leg!

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