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TM 177 - Who has made you smile recently?

177 - Who has made you smile recently?


Oh, not because he is funny, although it can be very amusing to watch him punch Kelso in the arm or mock Eric, because I enjoy that very much. And not because he does something amusing himself, which has happened before, especially when he is very drunk.

No, Hyde made me smile by sitting down, and reaching into his pockets to take out a small plastic film canister and a lighter.

The Circle is a very, very important part of life in Wisconsin. I do not know whether other places in America also require something like the Circle to make things fun, but it is definitely necessary in Point Place.

It is also a very important part of life with my friends. Eric told me that he and Kelso and Hyde have been having Circles since they were very young and Kelso was a "brace face" and Hyde was a "junior delinquent". Miss Kitty has shown me pictures of those times and Eric was gangly and awkward. So he was like he is now, just shorter.


The Circle was one of the first things in American culture that I experienced. It made me feel much, much more relaxed about having traveled so far away from home and being surrounded by strange, pale faces and so many beautiful women. It also made me hungry, which led to my very first taste of American snack foods. Funyuns, I think.

It was a long time before we allowed the girls into the Circle, as well. We should not have, as it turns out. Both Jackie and Donna become very happy and giggly when they are in the Circle, and usually neither them or their boyfriends are sober enough to notice when I cop feels.

Also, the Circle is where we all have the very best ideas ever. I don't know what they are, because we always forget, but we all know they are great.

I always smile in the Circle.

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